Saturday, January 05, 2008

Sweets and Sours

i haven't done "Sweets and Sours" for quite awhile...


* today my mom and i were supposed to go down and visit my brother. the weather was really bad this morning and we decided to try and go another weekend... bummer... big bummer!

* i am home all day and don't really have any good movies to watch...


* i am home all day... therefore, i have a great opportunity to tackle a few projects on my everyflowing "to do" list!

* getting things done on my list:
write thank you notes for christmas gifts -done
put away laundry -done
post on my blog -done
clean oven -done
wash dishes -done
work on my young women personal progress
gather all stuff for DI and put in car -done
organize scrapbook rooms projects -done
get box ready to send to friends -done

(i will continue to edit this post today as i get things done! and of course because i love lists, i will add anything else that i do, to the list! lol!)

* most people don't like january, but i love it... to me it is the perfect time to clean, organize and put everything back into order from the chaos of the holidays!

* i love celine dion! as i was putting away my laundry this morning i was listening to one of her cd's that i got for christmas! the more i listen to her, the more i like her!

* i am feeling much better this week! i was really really sick last weekend... ended up in the ER! not fun, let me tell you!

* bunco is on tuesday! i love bunco! we are starting the new year and i am so excited! i will tell you all about it! my friend asked me to help with the food... i have a wonderful recipe called "chocolate delight"! so divine! i am going to make that for dessert!

well, i better get going on that list! have a great weekend!


Eric & Emily said...

I'm glad you're feeling better! ER trips are no fun!!

Laura Nicholas said...

ER - What happened? I am glad to hear you are feeling better though...

Congrats on being able to cross off some thing on your list. Looks like you are making a lot of progress. I have given up on lists though. I never seem to get them completed and ....... just not a good thing. But if I could get items crossed off - would feel better, i guess.

anyway, hope you come to Portland. That would be so much fun. Can you come in a day early? you could meet my family and come to my house for dinner??? I would love that.


Hugs and love always-

Me and The Three Men In My Life said...

will you have your friend that came to the Vinyl Party Call me? I have her Vinyl and need to get it to her but I lost her #. Thanks, Amber

Alleman Family said...

So what did you have that you had to go to the ER? That's awful! I've had some great "sweets" these past couple of days. Since getting my wisdom teeth out I've been watching movies and eating shakes from Charlies! So Fun!

Joyismygoal said...

Good for you you got a lot done i'm sorry you were sick me too I tagged you w/ a pet meme

Dawn said...

Wow, what happened Jennie?! I'm glad you're feeling better now! Good job on your list, as I read this, you have accomplished alot!

melissa c said...

I read this yesterday and I was sure I had commented. Now I see I didn't! I have no brain lately!

I love the sweet and sour theme. I also think you aught to come to my house to make desert! I love to be organized to. I always have a DI bag going.

I love to get rid of clutter!

good post darlin'!