Monday, August 04, 2008

sweets and sours...

i have so many sweets this week! let me share...


* kevin sprained his ankle last week... poor boy! but he is feeling much better now!

* i have not really felt good this last week either... lots of crazy things going on with me! i decided this morning that getting old sucks!

* i have not blogged in a long time... sorry friends!


* saturday we had a yard sale! it was a ton of work... and in the middle of a really busy week, but now its over! we did well! and got rid of a bunch of junk!

* part of my busy week was hosting a bridal shower for a friend from work. she and her fiance met at sam's club and he proposed there too! it was fun! we had a handful of people there from work and some really great (wink wink) gifts!

* BREAKING DAWN is not out! wahoo! i haven't started it yet... but i will soon!

* i love reality tv! and my all time favorite reality show is on! Big Brother! i wait all year for it! i know... probably not the best... but i am allowed a guilty pleasure from time to time! any other BB10 fans out there?

* ok... another reality show i am loving! "So you think you can Dance?" love it! i am thrilled with the final 4! i couldn't have hand picked them any better! i am a huge fan of Joshua and Courtney!

* i love starburst!

* last week for mutual we took the girls up to the temple and had pictures taken in their church clothes. they were so cute! i can't wait to see the pics!

* has anyone heard of CHA CHA? not the dance... but the number you can text any question to? i love it! just text to CHA CHA (242 242) and ask a question. they will research it and respond to your text message. it doesn't cost anything... standard text messaging rates apply... we have asked everything from what is the best bbq sauce, when is jeff going to get married, how to remove pen marks from a microfiber couch to where is the cheapest place to get gas in logan, utah!

well, friends... enjoy your week!


MaryRuth said...

Yay! I'm so happy you updated!! We need to chat one of these days!

I scrapbooked a page about you... I'll email it to you once its finished.

love you!

Adam and Julianne said...

Jennie!! You are just the sweetest sweetheart ever! I just love you!

Brenda said...

Love the sweets and sours!!!
Oh and I was so excited about the CHA CHA thing and how you asked it the question on how to get ink out of a microfiber I told my hubby (because Bug got some pen on it the other day and we couldn't get it out) and he laughted a me, because he already figured out how to get it out on his own. Simple Green did the trick. :( I thought I had something to teach him but he was already one step a head of me. *L* Hope you are having a good week so far.

KATIE said...

Have you heard of Collbran? That's where his ranch is. It's near Grand Junction. I love reading your blog!!! It brightens my day =)

Emily said...

just wanted to say HI!!! I always check your blog, just haven't been to good about leaving comments lately... I'll blame it on a crazy busy summer :) I have to let you know that I'm so excited to see you for expo and I hoping maybe before that too?? I need to plan a little oakbrook neighborhoood reunion... I miss it there, you are blessed to live by some really amazing people and I miss those YW too!! have i told you lately that I love you?? probably not... I'm a slacker about leaving comments but just so you know... I love ya Jen!!!

Ker-Dog and the gang said...

I am loving "So you think you can Dance" too. I love to read your blog!