Monday, February 23, 2009

lucky #8

I've been tagged!
8 things tag rules are:
*post rules on your blog
*answer the 6 '8' items
*let each person know they are tagged by leaving them a 'comment'
here goes...
'8' favorite TV shows
1. survivor
2. the amazing race
3. American idol
4. so you think you can dance
5. the biggest loser
6. the bachelor
7. ghost whisperer
8. trust me
'8' things i did yesterday
1. took a shower
2. went to church
3. called my mom
4. gave kevin a kiss
5. made breakfast for dinner
6. checked my email
7. got on facebook
8. went to bed at 7pm!
'8' things i am looking forward to
1. the weekend
2. melted snow
3. having friends over for dinner friday!
4. a 2nd date for a friend :)
5. a vacation
6. sleeping
7. girls weekend
8. paid time off
'8' favorite restaurants
1. frederico's
2. angie's
3. bluebird
4. chilli's
5. olive garden
6. red lobster
7. famous dave's
8. arby's :)
'8' things on my wish list
1. weight loss
2. happiness
4. be healthy
5. winter was over
6. to see Oprah someday
7. to go on a great vacation
8. visit family more often
'8' people i tag
1. noe
2. maryruth
3. tiffany s
4. brenda
5. melissa
6. kristine
7. barbi
8. laura
have fun!


Brunabug said...

ok...I am off to try and do this tag. Hummmm. I have got to do some serious thinking on some of the subjects. Thanks for thinking of me for this tag and giving me the challange. I need the brain work~seriously do. :)

hi, it's me! melissa c said...

very fun! Loved it!

A 'n D said...

this was a fun list! i meant to comment on it LAST week, but oh well.
thanks for your birthday wishes, and the card! i saw it sitting on the counter yesterday & knew it was from you before opening it! it made d's day, too!
and...i would love the number or name of the place you use in bear lake for training! that would be most helpful! even if it's just the name and/or location, i can certainly look it up!
thanks again!