Saturday, September 19, 2009

marah johnson- my (not so) favorite things

marah had some interesting stuff in her trunk! including black glittered covered baby wipe boxes!

this was another class we weren't really looking forward too- the project was just not our style. the top of the box had a black shield, gold wings, a heart wrapped in wire and a crown.

the paper was flocked (fuzzy) and we did learn a cool technique to change the look by using glitter mist. we sprayed 3 colors on each piece and used a paint brush to blend it all together.

i have to admit i used my cheaper adhesive on the project so i could rip the paper off when i got back to the hotel room. i will re-do it with a much cuter paper and design!

the little books inside the box are cute... i can't wait to decide what just what i wanna do with them! the concept was cool.. just gotta do it my way! :)

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