Saturday, September 19, 2009

tim holtz- moments from the journey

tim... where do i start! he is absolutely amazing!!! he is funny, creative, fantastic and great!! :)
his trunk was full of very vintage things... that is one of the things tim is known for- lots of vintage touches.
the project was a tiny little scrapbook album sitting in a mini suitcase. it was a fabulous class! i really loved tim and his sense of humor, his style of teaching, project and techniques using grunge board. we used his ink dabbers, alcohol ink, tim's stapler and distress stickles.
at one point time told us "when the paint dries, sand the board... when do we know it's dry? if you touch it and it isn't wet- it is dry!" HA HA! so funny! he said "you laugh, but i get that question more than any other!" wow! his sense of humor kept us laughing most of the class!
he focused on: Imagination- Anything is possible. he played parts from willy wonka and the chocolate factory- he loves willy wonka because anything really is impossible. your imagination can take you anywhere. very inspiring!
sorry... this picture is a tad fuzzy! bummer!

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