Friday, September 04, 2009

more time for escape...

so i have decided to that i have so much to tell about my escape to arizona last week, that it might me easier to share it in chronilogical order...

so... i will start with our wednesday morning flight...

i LOVE the carpet in the phoenix airport! it has planes on it! i have traveled alot ... and trust me, it is the coolest out there! :)

we stayed at the sheritan wild horse pass resort. beautiful. huge. spread out. they don't believe in building up... they went out! the hallways zig zagged out... and we, of course, were on the the 4th zig... the last zig i might add!

we had a very pretty view... but since it was 114 degrees outside... we didn't go out on the terrace very often!

the beds were very comfy! kris and i both had to bounce a bit to be sure... :)

we checked into the resort about 8:30 am, rested a bit in the room
and then we were off to explore! we had an early lunch out by the pool under the misters! the food was good, but very hot! not only does the weather have some heat, so does the food! :)

we had some fun guests with us at lunch... birds! when the table next to us was cleared the birds started "helping" by taking the leftover food and sugar packets! it was quite funny!
i will post more later... can't wait to tell you about our bus tour of the bazzill factory!! :)


Heather said...

Do you wonder what fellow travelers might have been thinking to see you taking a picture of the airport carpet? Too funny!!

That little get away looks like it was meant for you--so fun!

somedaycrafts said...

Looks fun!