Thursday, December 16, 2010

5 months...

i can't believe my little girl is 5 months old!!

here are some of the highlights of her 4-5 month...

* she is eating cereal! :) she is doing pretty well... but she goes from thumb to thumb after each spoonful!

* she is quite the chatter bug! she love to talk and hear her voice!

* abbi still LOVE LOVE LOVES her thumbs!

* and her toes!! :)

* abbi took her first plane ride! and did amazing! kevin, abbi and i flew out to michigan to see my dad the week after thanksgiving. it was a 5 hour flight both ways... and she did great! we were so proud of her!

* abbi loved spending time with papa! it took her a few days to get used to him.. we are not around many men... but once she warmed up to him, she did great.

* she is starting to find her tongue... she sticks it out all of the time... she even has a super cute grin that she sticks her tongue out!

* she is teething... but no teeth... however, there is LOTS AND LOTS of SWABBA!!! (slobber) :)

* she will chew on anyone's fingers/thumbs/hands...

* actually anything that is put in front of her she will try to put in her mouth.

* she loves the swing... i don't always fasten the bar and she has learned to use her legs and kick it up. she loves hearing the toys rattle on the bar when it falls back down.... ya, i now ALWAYS fasten the bar!

* she is learning to play with toys more... her favorites are: the plastic chain links, her fabric crinkle that nanny made for her and the "love bug" that aunt carol sent her- it has a fun jingle to it!

* we also had our first family pictures taken for our christmas card! she did so well! even though it was getting a little chilly... by the end her nose was a cute pink color...

* when she sees mom or dad abbi's total body is excited!! her face lights up and she kicks and kicks! it is nice to know that she knows who we are... :)

* abbi is such a happy little girl! sometimes she smiles so big that her nose will crinkle up and her eyes will squint! it is darling!

* she has the CUTEST little giggle that she does when she is teased or tickled...

* abbi is starting to notice her hands and their movements.

* she likes to be standing when she is being held. she wants to be up and moving!

* abbi loves her daddy!! it is so cute to see them together! when he is in the room she watches every move he makes! her eyes never leave him...

* she had her first thanksgiving! we all went over to grandma maryann's house! it was fun! she wore her "my first thanksgiving" onesie! so darling!

* she is starting to really blow raspberries and blow bubbles! anything funky with her mouth!
* abbi really squeals when she is excited!
* when we call her name she still will not look over at us... but turns when she hears our voices.
* crying or not... this darling is so cute!!
* socks are really hard to keep on her because she is always kicking!!

* KICK KICK KICK!! one day i went to get her after her nap... she had kicked her pants right off!! crazy girl!
* when i am nursing her or giving her a bottle she will groan or growl a little... it is quite funny...
* abbi will hold her head up really high when she is on her tummy. she likes to look around and see what is going on!
* she really loves her bathtime! she splashes and splashes!! i usually get just as wet as she does!!
* she loves music!! when she hears any music she will usually quiet down and listen. she has a little pillow that you can wind up and it plays "lullaby and goodnight"... her favorite! we usually wind it up when we are getting her ready for bed.
* while we were in michigan we were able to go to the worlds largest christmas store... bronners!! amazing! we were so lucky!! cuz santa clause was there the day we went!! so abbi was able to meet santa for the first time! she did really well on his lap. a blank stare ... but better than crying! :)

* my dad gave abbi a little outfit that says... "santa's favorite"! i love it!! and it is sooooooooooo true!! :)
we love you abbi! you are the light of our lives!!

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