Wednesday, December 08, 2010

50 FREE Christmas Cards!!

It's time for me to check off one of my favorite tasks on my Christmas TO DO list, CHRISTMAS CARDS!!
I have always loved finding the perfect card design and then making each card by hand. I was proud of the fact that I made all 200 cards to send out to my loved ones. Last year I ended up only making 100 and ordering 100. This year is a bit different! Abbi somehow takes up the majority of my time! And I wouldn't trade it for anything!
Lucky for me this year, Shutterfly has an amazing offer to get 50 free holiday cards. Who wouldn't like to take some holiday photos, pick out a fabulous card, and then get 50 cards mailed to you free of charge? Thanks to the generosity of Shutterfly this offer is open bloggers like you and me.
Recently I was checking out what kind of options were online for photo cards and I really loved what I found at Shutterfly! They have some amazing card options.
I love love love christmas trees! So when I saw this card it jumped out at me!
I love the brown with it too!

I am all about including a Christmas letter in my cards. This card is perfect for that!

I like being able to put more than one picture on the cards!
With Abbi being so dang cute it's hard to choose just one picture! :)

This is one of my favorites because of the tradition red and green. Nothing says Christmas like red and green stripes!! So fun!!

I love this classy look! Very pretty card!! And scrapbooky looking!
There are so many to choose from! But that is half of the fun!!
Check out some of these fabulous things Shutterfly has to offer:
Christmas Photo Cards- tons and tons of fabulous cards!
Photobooks- my personal favorite! I think photobooks make great gifts and look terrific!
Christmas Gifts - lots of cool things to give to your loved ones!!
If you want to know more about this fabulous promotion for 50 free holiday cards click here. The deadline is December 15th. The only catch is that you have to write your own blog post about this offer. A very small price to pay for checking off one of the most daunting holiday tasks off your to do list this year!

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Noelani said...

i think you are getting like me...loving those coupons and free stuff! i love a great deal!!