Sunday, December 26, 2010

her first christmas...

kevin had to work christmas day... so i told abbi that santa knew that her daddy had to work so he was going to make a special trip back to logan ... just for her!!
not that she cared ... being only 5 months old ... but it mattered to us!! :)

kevin also had to work on the 26th, but when he came home we celebrated christmas!! we did our traditional opening of the stockings... and then instead of breakfast, we had dinner! :)

abbi loved getting a play mat, teething rings, a book and crinkle fabrics from santa!
please notice her beautiful stocking!! i designed it and my mom made it!! i love it!! it is sooooo perfect!

then after dinner we opened presents!! so fun! daddy helped her... it took her a minute to get into the swing of things... and then! it was like ok dad!! i got this!! give me some more paper to tear!! :) so funny!!

she had a good time! very exciting!!
... have i mentioned that she loves opening presents? :)

i love this little santa onesie! so dang cute!

after all the madness, we piled all of the wrapping paper all around her!
she was such a good girl!
i think she had a good first christmas!!

the little family ... first christmas... 2010

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MaryRuth said...

cute cute family pictures!