Monday, May 16, 2011

10 months...

Abbi Little is 10 months old!!
here are some of her wonderful highlights of her 9-10 month!!
* abbi loves to go barefoot! ...just like her momma!
* she has combined her bahbahbahbah (bouncing her hand onto her mouth) with rolling her arms! it is so cute!! she bumps her mouth to make the sound as she rolls her little arms!!
* she kicks/rubs her little feet around like a lightning bug! so cute...
* her little feet are always crossed!! such a lady!

* abbi throws stuff behind her! stuff in the laundry basket, off of the bookshelf, out of the toy chest... she will then turn around, see the mess she made and then proceed to chuck that pile behind her!! funny!!
* she loves books! her favorites right now are: musical kisses, hugs, soft foam lady bug and the bubble bedtime book by seasame street.
* her favorite toys are: all of them!! :) we did tie some yarn to on of her rattles and she thought that was pretty fun too!
* abbi will sit very still on my lap when i trim her fingernails. she has for several months!! now her toes... not so much!! :)

*  abbi had her first hotel stay when we went down to mesquite for jeff and heidi's wedding.  she did really well!  she woke up only once a night, so i just tucked her in bed with me and she went right back to sleep.  i guess that is one of the priveledges of going on vacation... you get to sleep with momma... :) 

*  we are now ignoring the night time crying- trying to get her to sleep through the night.
* naps are crazy right now!! she either falls asleep #1- sitting up or slumped over from cying so much. #2- or when she is laying down i can keep my hand on her chest to help her calm down. i have noticed that singing to her helps calm her down too.

*  abbi started clapping her hands!!  we were out to dinner with the gang and she just did it!!  so cute!!
*  she just cruises around the room holding on to the couch, hope chest, bookshelf, tv cabinet or wall... whatever she is around!  yikes!!

* abbi loves to get into things!! boxes, laundry baskets...
* her new passion is what we call "paperwork"... she tears and shreds all of our junk mail and magazines!! anything paper!! rip rip rip!!

*  this little "magic" lotion works wonders!!  not only for her skin, but for her temperment!  :)  she can be super fussy when we lay her on the changing table... give her the tube of "magic lotion ... and wahla!  happy baby!!  :)  this pic was right after her bath, so she is a little wet still! 

*  her schedule right now is:  7am: breakfast- cerial and fruit plus 4 oz bottle.  9-9:30am:  snack and 4 oz bottle.  10-10:30am:  naptime.  11-11:30am:  lunch:  cereal with veggie and 4 oz bottle.  1-1:30pm:  snack and 4 oz bottle.  2-2:30pm:  naptime.  3:30-4pm:  7 oz bottle.  5:30-6pm:  dinner- baby food meal or jar veggies plus 4 oz bottle.  7:30-7:45pm:  bath/jammies.  7:45-8pm:  nurse or 4oz bottle and bed.

* we have added a 3rd "meal" at lunch time. more of the stage 3 food.
* she has started eating dairy!! yogurt and cheese are ok!
* abbi loves snack time!! she eats baby puffs, yogurt melts, cinnamon crunchies and some small pieces of arrowroot cookies.
* she is also eating off of momma's plate as much as possible. she loves that!!
* she is very independent! she wants to get her food herself! finger food from my hand or from her tray.
* abbi loves her daddy!! and his race car! they will sit on the floor at least 20-30 mins and play with the remote control car that was kevin's when he was little.

* she enjoys "walking" around! she will hold our hands or hold onto the walls!! cruising is her thing!
* abbi still loves to play peek-a-boo! she will cover her head with a blanket, shirt or toy so that she can play too!! darling!!

* when i came back from getting my hair cut short, abbi didn't recognize me!! :( she whimpered when nanny left her alone with me in the room!! made me sad! it did take a day or so until she was convinced it was me...
* abbi loves to be in her stroller!! anytime she is out and about, she is happy!
* she loves other little kids/babies!
* sometimes abbi is shy around other people, or when she first gets around someone. and she will duck her head into my shoulder.
*  abbi loves to "help" daddy put his sodas away when he comes home from work!!  it is so cute!!

*  she is starting to sit up a little at bathtime- she sits on her bath sponge.  getting so big!

*  abbi gets very very excited when momma or daddy comes home from work!! 

*  abbi attended her very first parade!!  the girls all went to the smithfield days parade!!  she loved it!!  didn't keep her hat or sunglasses on very long... but was sure cute while they lasted...!

*   i am pretty sure the days of the headbands are coming to an end... she won't keep them on.. at all!!

we love this little girl more and more everyday!!  she is such a wonderful kid!! 
love you abbi,
momma and daddy

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