Sunday, May 08, 2011

a roadtrip and a wedding!!

my really good friend, jeff, got married over mother's day weekend!
jeff and heidi are so great together! whirl wind courtship, but i am excited for them!!
the Little family took a roadtrip to Mesquite, NV for the wedding!!
we had a blast!!
abbi's first hotel stay...
which was free because jeff's new in laws have hotel connections!! wahoo!! abbi loved playing on the bed with daddy!!
sporting her new swimming suit, coverup and sandals!! sooooooo cute!! :)
abbi loved loved loved the water!!
first time swimming!!
splashing girl!!
family photo!
taking a rest in the shade after swimming!!
my goodness!! i love this little girl!! she is so fun!!
so worn out after swimming in the big pool!! she ended up falling asleep in the stroller on the way back to our room. we just kept the stroller tilted and let her sleep...
all dressed up for the wedding
abbi loves babies, kids... pretty much anyone small!! :)
jeff's little niece, megan, was so fun to "play" with!!
love this pic!!
jeff with his parents, russ and sharon
the beautiful and happy couple...
may they live happily ever after!!

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