Tuesday, May 31, 2011

a whole new family...

what a life changing experience for me...

it all started with these 6 siblings...
my dad is the oldest of 6 kids and i met them all for the first time this weekend!!
what an amazing experience!!
left to right: front row: evelyn, michele and sue. back row: roland, don and my dad, rick.

i just have to say that i was extremely nervous going into this weekend... but each one of my aunts and uncles made me feel so welcome and loved. they were incredibly kind to abbi and i! they were each amazing!!

this was everyone!! in our cool reunion shirts!!

lori was amazing to help with abbi so much!!
we loved riding on the hellgate speed boat excursion! even though the first half of the trip was raining and cold...

aunt michele with all of her nieces and nephews that were at the reunion... loved her!!

proud papa with abbi!
we went golfing!! i even golfed one hole!! :)

the whole group at the hellgate brunch!!

it begins and ends with family! i am so honored to call these 3 men family!
my youngest brother, marcus. my dad, rick. me and my older brother, rick jr. and little miss abbs.... voted miss congeniality of the whole weekend!! :)


MaryRuth said...

I'm so happy for you! What an awesome experience!!

It was fun to see pictures of Rick... I have fond memories of dinner with him in Novi.

MaryRuth said...

p.s. cute hair!