Saturday, May 03, 2008

sweets and sours...


* i have a huge to do list today...

* we are working overnight on sunday and monday night... yuck!


* i have a huge to do list today... but i love to check things off of it! so here is my list! ( i will update as i go...)

~ dishes DONE

~ vacuum DONE

~ put laundry away DONE

~ shop for a few groceries DONE

~ make dessert for dinner tonight DONE - bring one to friend too DONE

~ organize calender events and hang calender DONE

~ update personal progress DONE

~ start t-shirt quilt DONE

~ make more cards DONE ( i have made over 100 cards this week! i am on fire!!! lol! )

* i am leaving wednesday for a week! i have a scrapbook show in michigan this weekend i haven't seen my scrapbook friends in awhile and i have missed them! i can't wait!

* then i am extending my trip a few days to spend some time with my dad! i am so excited! i haven't seen him in a couple of years, so this visit will be great! plus, i haven't seen his new place since he moved to michigan last year... very exciting!

* i went to a friends wedding reception last night. dave works with me at sam's club and he is so great! he is so happy and his new wife is darling! i am thrilled for them!

* lots of fun baby news too... this week i found out that my cute friend maryruth is having a boy! and a good friend from church, tiff, just adopted a little girl! i can't even begin to describe how excited i am for both of these wonderful ladies!

* i have been watching gilmore girls again and still love it! last night i finished season 2! so great!

* i can't remember if i shared this or not, but i am an official member of curves! i am happy to get this next phase of my life started! the trainers are great and i love the way i feel when i am done!

* we had lots of milk left over from the breakfast last week and that means that i get to drink chocolate milk everyday if i want too! yummy! i love chocolate milk! (ok...i realize that this comment kinda contradicts the previous one on curves... but... the the chocolate milk calls to me!)

well, i better get going on that to do list! have a great weekend!


Heather said...

That was quite a list. Hope your day is super productive!

Julie said...

Ooo! Chocolate milk sounds devine! :) Where in MI will you be? I would drive an hour to come and see you (not to mention scrapbook stuff!). I hope you got lots done!
Email me about MI...

MaryRuth said...

jen jen I just love you!! You make me happy!

Love your sweets and sours too!!

KATIE said...

Have a great trip.... It sounds like it will be so fun!! Your checklist inspires me to start one for next week. I have so much to do!! Thanks =)

A & D said...

hey you - chocolate milk is a great way to get calcium! and have SO much fun on your trip! i love trips!

Emily said...

Jennie! I'm glad I found your blog! I also love the Gilmore Girls. I tivo it every day and watch while I eat lunch and the kids have quiet time:) I'm impressed with all you've crossed off your list:)

Dawn said...

The chocolate milk and curves cracked me up! LOL Milk is like 3 points for 2% on Weight Watchers for 1 cup (like real measuring cup, not large glass) so I've totally given up milk! LOL