Tuesday, April 29, 2008

great day!

what an amazing day!
this breakfast was lots of hard work, but i would do it again- in a heartbeat!

ann made this wonderful signs and i printed off jami's story and picture of her.

i had 4 girls from my church group help out too! they were amazing to help!

we didn't do as well financially as we were hoping, but we had a great time! every little bit helps, so we walked away happy!

i COULD NOT have done this breakfast without the help of ann and julie! they are great friends!

if anyone still wants to help, but wasn't able to come to the breakfast, there is an account opened at the Bank of Utah ~ Jami Petersen.

thanks to everyone for your sweet comments and support!


Dawn said...

Looks like it turned out well! Good for you for putting this together, that was awesome!

EK said...


Laura Nicholas said...

Oh but it sure looked like you all had a great time for a good cause. I am sure Jami was very appreciative all of you did.

Congrats to you!

Logan and Traci Wood said...

I'm in the dark...who is Jami Peterson? What happened? It looks like her family would be very greatful for all the hardwork that was put into the benefit. Good job guys!