Sunday, October 12, 2008

about me...

i have seen this on a few blogs and thought it was really cute...

About me....

20 years ago I was:
1. turning 16
2. high school volleyball manager
3. with my best friend everyday

10 years ago I was:
1. enjoying single life
2. hanging out with great friends
3. working 2-3 jobs

5 years ago I was:
1. married to kevin
2. working at sam's club
3. trying to have a baby

3 years ago I was:
1. excited for my brother to come home
2. moving into a home
3. getting to know my new ward

1 year ago I was:
1. going to celine dion for my birthday
2. buying a car
3. traveling to scrapbook conventions

So far this year I have:
1. bought a truck
2. gone to time out for women and scrapbook expo
3. joined Curves

Yesterday I:
1. went on a drive with kevin and carol (his sister)
2. went to dinner for carol's birthday
3. learned a new game... free parking

Today I:
1. took carol to the airport
2. watched iron man
3. cuddled with kevin

Tomorrow I will:
1. go to work
2. meet with our financial advisor
3. work on my christmas cards


melissa c said...

This was a cute one! Maybe I'll do it!

Laura said...

I must say, I'm enjoying getting to know the grown up Jennie!