Friday, October 17, 2008


here is a fun little tag about my "quirks" that i found on angie's blog! let's give this a try!

1. toilet paper must be hung correctly! the correct way is to have the paper rolling from the top... not the bottom! it has taken me 6 years of "helping" kevin figure this out! but i think we've finally got it!

2. i have to go to the bathroom and brush my teeth before i can do anything in the morning!

3. i am a pack rat... but sometimes i get on these crazy cleaning binges and wipe out everything! that can be a good thing... but sometimes it's not often enough! lol!

4. i love making lists! i will make a list for any occasion! i love when i cross something off the list. if i do something that is not on the list... i will add it just so i can cross it off!

5. i love mugs! the minute it starts getting cold i have to start making hot chocolate! i have christmas mugs, valentine mugs, gilmore girl mugs and i just got a new pumpkin mug for my birthday! i can't wait to make my first batch of hot chocolate in my new mug!

6. i like the bed "made" every day! i am not too concerned about it being all tucked in and fancy-like, just make sure all of the covers are neatly brought up to the pillows! (another thing i am still working on with my cute hubby!)

i tag anyone who wants to give this a try! it's pretty fun!


Barbi Mecham said...

Oh my friend. I love lists too! I also love you. You are wonderful. I am sorry I missed your b-day. I was in Idaho at my sisters for the week. I miss you!

A 'n D said...

amen to the toilet paper & mugs! glad you had fun with the tag!

Emily + Eric said...

I'm right there with ya on the TP & the list thing. I add things to my list that I've already done that day - just so I can cross them off. Aaahhh, there's nothing like a 100% crossed off list!

Emily said...

I love this tag! So fun to learn new things about people. I can't believe you beat my record!! I'm still staying away from the game--I've got way too much to do to get sucked into that again!!