Monday, October 13, 2008

things i miss...

i am usually very excited about the future and what it has to bring, but lately i have been thinking about a few things that i miss from the past...

* bella, edward and jacob- i finished the last book in the twilight series last weekend, and i have to say... i am missing them! for months they have been part of my everyday! whether i have been reading or thinking about what i read! i may just have to start the series over... again!

* fall- let's be honest... haven't seen too much fall yet! lately it has been winter! and that is just not cool!

* my friends from college- i hung out with some very cool people while attending adams state college in alamosa, colorado! we had many great adventures! i miss them the very most this time of year! tara, jeff, leanna, jim, wendy, mandy, darrell, marlo, logan, ami, cody, jeremy, alyson, kristi, kim, craig... the list goes on!

* my indiana family!- family doesn't come any better than that!

* the rib tips at ruby tuesdays- they were my fav! they were served over mashed potatoes! yummy! they took it off the menu a few years ago... i haven't really been back since!

* the excitement of dating/flirting- the butterflies when the cute boy walked in... the way he smiled when he saw you... man...

* my cute scrapbook friends!- we had some good times on those scrapbook trips! dinners were the best! so many laughs! maryruth, kris, carma, laura, micaela, vicki, teri, doris... love ya!

* parties at school- i loved the holidays at school: valentines day, christmas, halloween, birthdays! the parties were so much fun! i remember in the 5th grade we were able to have a ice cream sundae party for valentines! that was so fun! my mom came as the parent helper! i loved it!

* getting real letters in the mail- don't get me wrong...i love modern technology... email, text messages and IM! but i loved getting a letter in the mail from a friend or family member telling me all about the happenings in their life!

* my beautiful grandmother- was was one of the most amazing women i have ever met. talk about classy! that was her! she was fun and kind and loving! i think about her often!

* playing monopoly and eating sunflower seeds all night on the weekends with my best friend as a teenager- this was before we could drive! we would spend hours and hours playing! it was fun! i never was very good, but it was still fun to play with her!

even with missing all of these things... i still "don't miss" many many more! lol! i am very grateful for what i have. i need to make a list of things i love too!


Noelani said...

what song is playing when i get on your blog?? I am loving it!!

Tiffany said...

Oh my dear Jennie!
I've missed you! I'm so grateful to have this link to one of my favorite people! I LOVE getting inspired and lifted when I talk to you or read about your life!! Thank you Thank you