Friday, November 14, 2008


so i have been thinking i need to post something all week! but didn't really have anything in particular to say... so now you get to hear my random thoughts!
we went to the african childrens choir this week and it was really good
my new clothes arrived yesterday! but i have this phobia of pants that are too short for me... so i ordered talls... now they are WAY to long! geez!
(anyone want/know how to hem them for me?)
its finally friday... its been a long week.
kevin and i have the weekend off together! wahoo!
my cute friend, julianne, is going to take our pictures tomorrow for our christmas cards.
very exciting!
listening to christmas music for
8 hours a day can be annoying
in the mood to shop... online
i have had tator tots for dinner at least twice this week. chicken nuggets, grilled cheese and macaroni and cheese this week too! am i 6?
i have a few crushes i need to confess (again for some): joshua jackson, zac efron and jacob black
i need a month long vacation
i feel like life is changing...
not sure how i feel about that
think i am gonna write some thanksgiving carols
making my list of gratitude... so much so far!
hope this finds you happy! enjoy!

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