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Wednesday, 18 October

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OK, loyal fans and many curious observers, here’s the scoop on the rapidly emerging Pauni home. It’s just past mid-afternoon, and – can you believe – it already looks like a home!Last night was clear and frosty but builders and volunteers worked around the clock working to pour the home’s foundation. Today, these builders – with so much to do in such a short time – are redefining the concept of multitasking. While one construction crew poured cement for the driveway, others put in the footings for the home’s framework.The ordinarily quiet street crackled with the energy of an entire town as trucks, bulldozers, cranes, spectators, volunteers, and scores of workers moved with excitement. It hardly seemed possible that workers even stopped for lunch or for a quick snack. But, the Pauni family returns Sunday and a new home will await them.The crowd speculated with one another about just how big this home will be as truck after truck hauled materials in for the new home’s frame. Many seemed satisfied at simply this wonderful exhibition of Cache Valley’s construction industry at its finest.Mea Harris, a close friend of the family, said this family is definitely deserving of a new home. She recalled that one daughter moved into the room of another daughter because pieces of the ceiling were falling down on her as she slept. Harris said the old Pauni home was literally falling apart. The family has been working so hard to pay off this home that each member of the family has been contributing their earnings to pay down the mortgage. Harris said the family would like to thank the community for all they have done; their hearts are full of gratitude.Volunteers and spectators were equally excited to be on the set of this incredible project. One volunteer said, “my granddaughter said I can’t leave until I get an autograph from Ty.”The best sight is a community coming together so quickly and from so many directions. If you get a chance, come to the site – when you’re here, remember all the work, materials, food, and time has been donated by your neighbors, friends, coworkers, colleagues, teachers, and students and just about everybody else in the valley. When we say – “A Community United to Build a Home” – we mean it! And, donations are being accepted round the clock (just look for the donation link on this website).“This is amazing!” Allison Furniss, a Utah State University public relations senior working on community relations for the project, said. “Yesterday, it was a house. Last night, it was a hole and, this afternoon, there are walls and concrete. We are witnessing the birth of a new home.”

Wednesday Evening
The Pauni home is going up quickly in just a matter of days, but we have learned that the construction progress over the last two days equals a month and a half’s worth of work! It is incredible what the force of community spirit can accomplish! Things are moving so quickly that if you turn your head, you might just have missed another wall going up.There have been about 150 workers working on the home at any one given time all day. Cranes are lifting the framework and placing it on the house, while trucks are backing out in and around the home. Amid the symphony of hammering and nailing sounds, these builders literally have hundred things going all at once.“Windows are in, and, within a couple of hours, the framing will be complete, and we have plumbing and electric work about to start,” said Troy Kartchner, builder and project head.A benefit concert was held at the Utah State University Spectrum, featuring musical guests Isaac Hayden, Ryan Shupe & the Rubberband and Polynesian dancers to honor the culture of the Pauni family. The concert was a great success – a big thanks to those who came to show their support. Each donation will lift a little weight off Janet Pauni’s shoulders as she tries to support her family of nine children.The concert had a cool vibe because you knew everyone was there because tonight they truly cared about a fellow Cache Valley neighbor and her family. T-shirts featuring a photo of the Pauni family and a list of all those who have been working to make the dream home a reality were a popular item at the show. Many put the shirts on immediately after purchasing them.It was a little chilly but the late afternoon sun didn’t stop concertgoers from enjoying a warm-up party juts outside of the Spectrum. Served like a tailgate, the party’s food and refreshments were donated and all proceeds will go to the family. The event was perfect for volunteers who did not have a chance to be involved directly at the construction site.Builders and volunteers will continue to work around the clock to stay on schedule. This is truly a unique event in Cache Valley so involve yourself any way you can, and be a part of this EXTREME experience. It may just change you life.Thanks, Cache Valley! Keep up the good work!

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