Friday, October 27, 2006

Saturday, 21 October

here is the log from site:

It’s Saturday night and, as scheduled, the Pauni home is complete. Kartchner Homes actually accomplished the task a bit ahead of this amazing timeline – about six hours so! Landscapers, helped along by students from Utah State University’s landscape architecture program, worked through last night and, by this morning, crowned the new home with a magnificent yard. By the afternoon, furniture was being brought into the home. Now, we’re nearly ready to welcome the Pauni family back to Logan!
Surprise, awe, wonder and pride have filled many moments this week, but today even many of us who just have learned about this special family in a matter of a few days were touched by the strong emotional ties that have sustained this family through happy and sad moments. Though the Pauni family has been far away this week, many relatives have volunteered at the site each day, bringing their friends as well. In the Tongan heritage, everybody becomes family.
As the finishing touches were being placed on the new home, we met with Milo, the sister of the late Danny Pauni, the much beloved father and husband of the family. Milo traveled nearly 90 miles from Salt Lake to Logan to see the home. The sight of this new home – which will be complete once her sister-in-law and the children return tomorrow – brought her to tears.
“I have been very close to my sister-in-law through her struggles. I have helped her as much as I can. This is such a blessing for her family and mine,” Milo said.
We’ve come to learn so much about the Pauni family this week but Milo shed light on what it really means to be family. Love truly goes well beyond the comforting boundaries of a house. The eldest son of the Pauni family was serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints when his father died suddenly in 2004. The son had decided to return home to help his mother make financial ends meet. At the same time, Milo’s son was about to be released from his military obligations. Milo’s son committed more time to the military to help ease the burden for Janet Pauni and her family and to allow the oldest son to finish his LDS mission.
Milo’s words of grace and love have resonated with us. This new home will not only bless the Danny and Janet Pauni family but these blessings will extend to all those who have helped this family. Kartchner Homes, along with the community in Cache Valley, have eased the burden off many shoulders this week. We are fortunate indeed to share in this most powerful and sustainable meaning of family.
“I did not expect to see this big beautiful home. I cannot describe how grateful we are. We will never be able to repay this,” Milo said. “I have never seen anything so amazing in my whole life.”
The past week has been an unforgettable experience for us in Cache Valley. Even more significant than the opportunity to be involved with a nationally popular television show, we have learned what the gifts of grace and love really are. We have seen so many step forward, offering selflessly their time, their skills and their resources. For many, the ordinary time of business stopped temporarily because we believed that community service offers the greatest rewards. And, we still need you. This unprecedented project has involved more people in Cache Valley than any other activity in recent memory but we want to ensure that the Pauni family can move forward, free finally of the struggles that they have faced so graciously.
“We have done everything humanly possible,” Nate Webb, escrow officer of Cache Title Company and director of donations for the project, said. “We have exhausted every outlet we know. If you have the ability to donate, please come forward. We need you.”
The Pauni Family is anxious to return and to thank their neighbors and friends, old and new. Milo said, “we came over here from the little island of Tonga to such a nice place and we have received so many blessings. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
And, we thank you for your continuing support

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