Friday, October 27, 2006

Tuesday, 17 October

Tuesday's log from kartchnerhomes. com:

Today, a good-sized Cache Valley crowd – in a sea of blue “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” shirts and hard hats – answered the morning call at 7a.m. and stormed the site of the Pauni home. Loyal EMHE viewers know this as the “Braveheart” shot. You’ve seen it before but this moment always contains great emotion, as the community gathers behind leader and carpenter Ty Pennington, marching and cheering for the amazing home project to begin.Clearly, residents at the top of Utah were excited to help the Pauni family and even a bit more excited to see – you guessed it – Ty!Many people were touched as builder, Troy Kartchner of Kartchner Homes, gave a heartfelt speech. Troy said the real hero is not himself but rather the crowd surrounding him, willing and ready to help someone else’s dream come true. Immediately afterward, Ty gave his trademark shout out to the Pauni family, promising them that, come Sunday, they will have a home to be proud of and one that will make life a little easier. Ty directed the camera toward the crowd, showing family members – who are right now far away from the site – that their community is behind them.The demolition began immediately. Companies from Cache Valley, northern Utah, and southeastern Idaho have donated their materials, skill and their time to tear down this house and to build a magnificent replacement. Bulldozers quickly demolished the house as a parade of trucks hauled away the debris. Soon, the only remaining sign of the Pauni home was a cloud of dust that dissipated throughout the neighborhood as a steady crowd of onlookers watched the action. Before the last truck left the neighborhood, workers prepared for the marathon construction project that would start that evening.The Design Team – Ty Pennington, Ed Sanders, Preston Sharp, Tanya McQueen and Tracy Hutson – were all present for the demolition of the home, much to the delight of spectators. The crowd gathered just across the street from the site – expert “staro-meters” – knowing instantly when a design team member ventured close to the crowd. A couple of designers happily obliged eager fans with autographs, handshakes, and words of appreciation for their support and hospitality.Just as prevalent were representatives of the press – local and statewide – which proves that, even today, good news is always welcomed by readers and viewers.

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