Friday, October 27, 2006

extreme makeover: home edition in logan! Sunday 15 October

hello there family and friends!

extreme makeover: home edition was i logan last week! what an exciting week! the abc team knocked on the pauni family's door on sunday october 15, 2006! my birthday! it was soooooo exciting! i wanted to share a little bit with you so i borrowed some info from! please check out the site! it is an amazing process!

here are some excerpts from the kartchner site:

"Pauni family members – all 10 of them – were pleasantly surprised this crisp fall morning when a knock from ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition at their door announced they had been selected out of five nominated families for a dream home project.
“The kids were so excited. They all ran to the door at once, and my little one got so squished in all the excitement that now he has a broken finger,” said Janet Pauni, mother of nine children.
The celebration was an emotional moment for Janet, who said, with tears welling up in her eyes, “it will be a lifetime change.”
The family handled quite well the barrage of questions from reporters who had gathered to get their reaction and the community’s to the famous “door knock” of the popular ABC show. One of the younger brothers said, “I don’t really care what I get. I just want my mom to have something nice.”
Another brother said, “I think this will be a big weight lifted off my mother’s shoulders. She has worked so hard. Without her, we would not be where we are today.”
It was unlike any other Sunday morning for the Pauni family. One of the brothers said, “Man, I’ve done like four interviews, isn’t that enough?” Being shy, however, was not an issue for the five-year-old Pauni brother, who gleefully busted out his dance moves for the crowds and the cameras.
The spirit of love and generosity warmed the cool morning at the Pauni home. The Kartchner Homes build team embraced each member of the Pauni family. Janet, the mother, was clearly moved, expressing her gratitude to every member of the build team.
After an unforgettable day, the family left Cache Valley this evening for a cruise, and will return on Sunday, Oct. 22 to their new home.
Like the Pauni family, friends, neighbors, associates, school children, and community members throughout Cache Valley are excited about this dream project and about the many upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, fundraisers, and community projects that will be a celebration of the love and generosity so apparent at this morning’s door knock. There are so many ways you can share this week’s excitement so don’t hesitate to sign up today!"

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