Friday, October 27, 2006

the day has arrived! Sunday, 22 October!

this was fun! my mom had come up to spend the weekend with me, so when she got here on sunday i asked here how she felt about waiting from 10 am - 2 pm for the reveal of the house! she said that she was up for it, so off we went!

we left my house about 10 am and went to ann and julies house. we all drove up together so we could get a good spot to watch the excitement begin.

we arrived across the street about 10:30 am and began the wait. we could tell that there were going to be tons of people, so we chose a spot in the back of the area, that way we could have the advantage of being "tall". we stood on buckets (from home), a step stool, a chair and a couple of rocks for about 3 hours!

it was so great! of course when the family arrived we no longer could see anything. not even the gigantic home that was across the street! but the excitment was worth it! we got to see ty pennington!!!!!!!!!!

we bought some tee-shirts and even had ed sign them! what a great day!

look for the episode to air the end of november or first part of december! the pauni family from logan, utah!

here is the log from the site:

We couldn’t have asked for a better grand finale – a picture-perfect blue sky, a completed home, more than 3,000 enthusiastic spectators, and a family thunderstruck by the outpouring of love and support.
Loyal friends and fans gathered six or more hours before the “reveal” to get that coveted front row seat. The crowd was cheery and loud – a sharp difference from the typical peaceful Sunday morning in a Cache Valley neighborhood.
Relatives of the Pauni family – sporting the family T-shirts that have become the big fashion craze in Cache Valley this weekend – filled a bleacher section reserved just for them. In fact, spectators throughout the crowd wore their T-shirts with the simple black-and-white photo design featuring the Pauni family.
Today was as much a celebration of Tongan culture as anything else as dancers of all ages and drummers delighted the crowds just before the Pauni family arrived for the big moment. The sun-warmed street must have been much appreciated by the bare-chested boys and men, and bare-footed dancers.
Everyone in the cast was there to greet the family – Ty, Tracy, Preston, Ed and Tanya – along with the Kartchner Homes build team. The Pauni family emerged triumphantly from their limousine and the crowd noise was spectacular. The children jumped and hugged each other, the little five-year-old boy busted out his dance moves, and tears filled the eyes not just of Janet, the mother, but of many of the spectators.
The emotional pitch intensified when everybody shouted the trademark, “Move that bus!”
The reveal certainly did not disappoint – You’ll see all of the action when the episode airs (trust us: you won’t want to miss this!). The family was more than anxious to tour their new home and we hope nobody got lost in their first trip. (Again, you’ll have to tune into the episode to see exactly how beautiful this home is.)
The marathon efforts – all the sweat and tears, the sleepless nights, the planning, and prayers – paid off today in a wonderful outpouring of love and generosity. Cache Valley will long remember this week. The felling here today was the icing on the cake
“This will be a lifetime change,” Janet Pauni said. Indeed, not just for her family but for our entire community. Thank you, Cache Valley!

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