Monday, January 15, 2007

i am doing it!!!

ok... so day 15 of the new year and i am doing it!!! 15 down 350 to go!!!

today i worked out, read my scriptures and am putting away stuff!

i am listening to chris daughtry right now! i fell in love with him and his voice last year on american idol. (which the new season starts tomorrow, by the way!) he is incredibly talented and good looking to boot! kevin was the great husband he is and gave me this cd for christmas! i love it!

chris is a bit of a rocker, and i am a country music lover, but i am really really enjoying his cd.

you should check it out!

anyway.. i am feeling good about me, chris and life today and wanted to share... :0)

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MaryRuth said...

Ok! I am SOO impressed! You go girl!!

And you know I love Chris... want to have his love child. Haven't heard all of the new CD yet but I will so have to check it out.

Love you bunches and am so proud of you! Thanks for posting!