Saturday, January 13, 2007

New Year's Resolutions!

ok.. so i realize it is a little late to be chatting about new year's resolutions, but i wanted to post them and hold myself accountable for the one's that i have set this year.

i taught a lesson to the young women's group (age 12-18 for my church) on 12/30. it was about making goals and i thought it was very appropriate for the new year.

i have set 5 goals/resolutions for myself and i need everyone's help to accomplish them!

in years past i have set goals and quickly forgot what they were and why i set them. this year i vowed that it would be diffent! i will do it! all of them!

ok... here they are... my goals for 2007!

1. read the scriptures every day.

2. work out on a regular basis

3. work on my personal progress (this is a goal and values oriented program for the girls 12-18 in my church.) as a leader, i too, can participate

4. keep in better touch with my family and friends ie: blog, letters, emails, b'day cards etc.

5. get organized and keep it that way... my home and my personal life as well.

so there you have it! i am going to be a better person this year. i just know it!

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MaryRuth said...

I love your resolutions! I pretty much have the same ones... maybe we can motivate each other.

Sure love you!