Monday, January 29, 2007

i love saturdays!

ok... so i love saturday! i look forward all week to the weekend. i really do! i can't wait until friday because i know that saturday is coming next!

so let's chat about this last saturday! i have to say that it was probably one of the best that i have had in a long time!

i made a skirt!

ok, now you are probably asking yourself... "does jennie sew?"

not usually, matter of fact, i haven't made a clothing item since in was in jr. high! not that is scary! sew... here is the story... ( pun was intended!) hee hee

i am sick of my church clothes! i am in desperate need of some new church clothes. i love skirts and have some cool ones, but i think the rule is that if you wear them 4 weeks in a row, they loose their "coolness". pretty sure that was the rule.

well, in search of new dresses/skirts, i found NOTHING! so i decided.. what the heck! it really can't be that hard to make a skirt! right?

so off i go to wal-mart to buy some material. i don't want to get anything to fancy or expensive, cuz.. remember- i haven't sewn clothing since JR. HIGH! i am talking total 80's!

since i was in the fabric department i figured i could look and see if they had a skirt pattern that i might like... they did! and i got it! i guess it wouldn't hurt!

ok.. washed the material, cut out the tissue pattern, laid it out and cut the fabric! holy moly! i was going to do it! i even had purchased thread to match and elastic for the waist! am i a pro or what?!!?

i am on my way! i didn't even run into to many problems! it is cute and fits! what a bonus!!!

my next trick..... a pair of pants!!

ok. so i had just finished my lovely skirt and my best friend, ann, calls. she wants to know if i am frustrated with my skirt yet.. do i want to take it down to salt lake so my mom could finish (she is a professional seamstress and all...) i said noway! i was done!

she was very impressed!!! but they were still going to slc and wanted to know if i wanted to come! sure enough! i rarely turn down an adventure with annie and julie!

so off we go... shopping galore! we had so much fun! shopping, eating, shopping, shopping and eating some more!

what a fun day we had! i love saturdays!

tell me... what are your favorite things to do on a saturday?

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MaryRuth said...

How fun!!! I'm so glad you had a fun girls day!!

And a SKIRT!!!!!!!!!!!! You my dear are a goddess! I'm SO impressed!!!!

And a big AMEN on Saturday's!!