Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Random things about me...

ok... i was tagged by my friend maryruth to list 5 random things about me...

so here is my list! (kevin helped me with this list...)

1. my biggest pet peeve in the whole world is twisted phone cords! i have been known to untwist cords at stores, schools and offices! this also includes any cord that may have the opportunity to get twisted! seriously... how hard is it to un-twist it!!!??

2. i love watching "Days of our Lives"! i have been watching it regularly for about a year! i "dvr" it every day and watch it when i get home! i even have the theme song as the ringer on my phone!!!!

3. i have all of my clothes in my closet hanging by color... and they are in the same order as the rainbow! red orange yellow green blue purple (grey, white, brown and black)

4. i am very particular in which the toilet paper is placed on the roller thingy... i HAVE to have it rolling off of the top. NOT from the bottom! why? i have no idea, i just know that is the way it has to be. i have never changed the direction at someone else's home, but i have been known to change it in hotels and definitely at home! it could be in the middle of the night and i am half asleep... and i will switch it to the way i like it.

5. i really love to sleep and i like to give myself a little bit of a warning that it is time to get up! i will ususally set my alarm about 30 minutes before i really need to get up. that gives me the opportunity to hit the snooze button a few times before i have to get up. somehow i feel like i have cheated the system and got to sleep a little bit longer than i was supposed to! i do feel bad for kevin, because he gets to wake up every 9 minutes for 30-45 minutes until i get up! oops!

ok... that is it! 5 random things about me...

now it is your turn.... tell me something random about you...


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MaryRuth said...

I LOVED your list!! Loved it loved it loved it!!!!

I think of you EVERY time I see a twisted phone cord. I saw one last week that would have sent you in to a sweat... it's never coming untangled.

And oh one random thing that I love about Jennie is that she sleeps with her arm underneat her.

Love you BFF!!