Sunday, October 14, 2007

Celine Dion!!!

ok... so we just got back from las vegas... and my surprise show was CELINE DION!!!!!

here is the story!!! we drove all day friday and got to las vegas around 2:45pm. we stayed at our friends, noe and chad, friday night! it was so good to see them again!

friday night we went to famous dave's for dinner. i totally love famous daves! they have the best ranch! i dip my fries in it!

that night noe and i stayed up late visiting. it was so fun! it had been way too long since we have been able to do that! thanks noe!

noe was cleaning out her scrapbook stuff and gave me oodles! it was like christmas... or my birthday!! lol! thanks so much! i love it all, noe!

kevin really wanted to go the buffet at the rio on saturday afternoon. it was really good! they have so many different kinds of food! yummy!

after a great lunch at the rio we went to our hotel. we napped for a bit and then got ready for our evening. kevin wanted me to open my birthday gifts too. he gave me a couple gift certificates too! one to michaels and seagull book! how fun! i love gift certificates!

the last one was tickets, i could tell by the shape.... i was nervous to open them. i told him that i wanted to open them as we were pulling into the parking lot, but he really wanted me to open them then. i figured since he had kept this big secret for 4 months, i could open them then!!

Celine Dion.
A new day

i was so excited!!! i cried!!!

we headed over to caesar's palace for the show!

we were super early so we wondered the forum shops and of course we HAD to go to the Celine Dion Store!!

we waited outside of the colosseum in ceasar's palace and finally we were able to go in!

we were up in the 2nd mezzanine level, but the seats were still amazing! the stage was huge and i was thrilled to be there!

the had a bar at each level so people could get drinks before the show. kevin and i got virgin margaritas! yummy! we got to keep the cups as souvenirs!

when the show started i was so excited! i am not sure how i sat still! celine in amazing! not only can she sing and dance, but she knows how to put on a show! the set/stage, dancers, musicians... overall talent was so very incredible!

i will always remember it! what an wonderful weekend!

i am so lucky to have a husband who knows me so well! this was the perfect gift! and i am so grateful! i love you kev!

i am on a birthday high... and the actual day isn't until tomorrow!!! that is the way i like it! birthday... birthweek.... birthmonth...

love it all!


Joyismygoal said...

I knew you would have a blast and I thought it might be Celine That isso awesome.. I am glad you are having a nice b-week and hpe your actual day is awesome too:> Happy Birthday to you!!!

Me and The Three Men In My Life said...

Happy Birthday! :) hope you had a good one!!!

Eric & Emily said...

Oh my goodness, what an awesome birthday gift! You deserve it, Jennie.

Kate said...

Hooray for a wonderful birthday surprise! Happy Birthday, girl! :)

Dawn said...

How awesome!!! Happy Birthday!!!!

JaNae said...

What a great surprise! You have an awesome hubby. Happy birthday, girl!

Tiffany said...

Oh my gosh Jennie!! So FUN!! I would love to see Celine in concert. You do have a great hubby! I'm so glad you had a blast! It's so fun to chat with girlfriends, too! Can't wait to see you! Tif

Andrea said...

What an awesome surprise. Wow. Enjoy your birthday month!

Anonymous said...

Jennie- That's so awesome! I've always liked Celine Dion. She seems like a pretty classy lady. What a fun surprise for you! Happy birthday! Also- I think that your new hair cut is so cute!

Julie Wright said...

What a wicked cool surprise! Happy Birthday!

MaryRuth said...


I hope its a wonderful day for a wonderful wonderful person!!

And what a SWEET husband! I'm so jealous!! what a great surprise!!!

Hope you enjoyed my lovely birthday song I left on your cell phone.

Love you dearly!!



Julie M. said...

HOW fun! I'm so jealous!!! What a great hubby you have!

Carma said...

Guess what? I was there on Friday night and it was AMAZING!!!!!! You have a wonderful husband!!!!! And I'm so glad you had such a great "B" Day!! Love you tons!!

Holly & Cam said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How fun!!!! I can't wait to hear every single mingle detail next week for your birthday lunch! You are the best Jennie!! I hope your day is great! (Remember to sing a line of the Star Spangled Banner while you're eating your cake!:))

Emily said...

Celine Dion!!!!!!!! You lucky girl- I have always wanted to see her live- so happy for you! love ya!