Monday, October 15, 2007

It's my birthday!!!

ok... so all of you know that i love my birthday, and this year certainly was no exception!!!

what a great day/weekend i have had!!!

i was able to sleep in this morning! i love that! i read my favorite book by mary engelbreit... happy to's your birthday! such a great book! i highly recommend it for those who love their birthday or those who should...

then i got a call from my friends at work! i am sure that they missed me!! of course i didn't go to work!!! it is against all birthday rules to go to work on your birthday!

my visiting teacher came over and gave me some flowers... so nice! i got phone calls from my mom, my good friend holly and my cute little brother!

i had lunch with ann today! what a great time we had! she was telling me about a friend of ours that got sick today and ended up in the emergency room, so we went and found her to make sure she was ok... all is well... she is going to have to take it easy for a bit... but we think she is going to be just fine!

we then headed off to walmart to get a few things for our halloween costumes! (we are going to be the coolest costumes at work... more on that later....) it was fun to just wonder around! very cool!

after stopping at sonic for some route 44 drinks... we headed back to ann's house to open presents!!!i love presents!!! by then ann's roommate, julie, was home and we enjoyed a cupcake or two with a candle... i made a wish! of course, i can't tell you what it was...

we met kevin at angie's, one of my favorite restaurants in town and had a nice dinner! when we came home i had great messages from holly ,(every year on my birthday she leaves a fun song on my answering machine!!! this year was... "only you..."! simply hilarious!) maryruth, and of course my cute mommy!!!

i also found a fun bag on my door from chelsa! love it! so cute! and.... kind emails from kris, aubrey, my cute aunt paula, angie and tonya! oh.... and holly dedicated a sweet post on her blog for me! thanks holly!

what a wonderful, marvelous, terrific very fun day!!!

i love my birthday! i really do! thanks to everyone for making it very special this year! yes... that is you!!!

only 365 more days until next year!!!! let the countdown begin!!!


Kate said...

Yay! I'm so glad you had a good birthday . . . and here's hoping the next 365 days until your next one are great ones! :)

Dawn said...

I'm glad you had such a fabulous birthday. It makes me sad when people just think of their b-day as just another day - I live it up like you do - it's the only day out of 365 that is all about you!!! :)

Emily said...

Hey Jen- Happy late birthday!!! you make me smile! I love your happiness!!! It is contagious... you are a doll I miss you!

Joyismygoal said...

I'm so glad you had a happy birthday .

Holly & Cam said...

You are my birthday hero, seriously!! I'm glad your day was great because you deserve it!!!! Think of a good place to eat!!!!

Andrea said...

Sorry this is late- Happy Birthday! Hope all your wishes come true!