Friday, April 04, 2008


isn't i amazing what a new du will do for a girl?!

i was struggling a bit this week... but when i got my haircut, i felt tons better! who knows why... pretty sure it is a girl thing.

well, no matter what the reason, i am feeling better.

thanks to everyone for your kind comments... i really appreciate each of them.

here are some of the happenings of the week:

* i was able to sub for my neighborhood bunco night! it was so fun!

* i went to a scentsy party and found some great scents! a few of my fav's are: home sweet home, lemon lavender and falling leaves! be sure to check them out!

* i have not been feeling all that well this week... i seem to have a yucky cold... wednesday night i went to bed at 6pm!!! it was nice to get some sleep! i am finally feeling a tad bit better today... ya!

* i only was able to workout at curves twice this week because of the yucky cold... oh well... i will be back to normal next week! (i hope!)

* my mom and i are going to visit my brother tomorrow! i am so stinking excited! we are going to be able to hug him!!!!! ya! it has been too long...

* my sweethart and i are going out to dinner tonight for an early anniversary celebration. next week is our 6 year wedding anniversary. i will post more about that later...

* well... i think that is it for now... thanks for lifting me up when i was down! i love you all!


Dawn said...

You look great!!! Gorgeous! I LOVE the hair, girl! Makes me want to hack mine all off, LOL!

Which day is your anniversary? Ours is next week too, the 7th, 8 years.

melissa c said...

I love that style! In fact, I am growing mine out to be kind of like that.

I have also been sick. Yuck.

I have a hard time with Bunko. Probably because I have never been invited!! My 2 sisters go to bunko groups. In fact, my one sister is in 2 bunko groups! I hate Bunko!!!! lol

Happy anniversary! Hope you have a lovely night!

Laura Nicholas said...

I love the new do! It is so cute.. I just got mine cut yesterday a little shorter than usual, but I agree - there is just something about a new hair cut... You look great!

Hugs to you my friend.

Amber Bradley said...

Love, Love, Love your hair! Just found out your hair dresser is in our ward. She is such a sweet heart! And yes, she must know what she is doing because you look amazing!

Emily said...

super cute Jen! I dig the bangs! oh, I love little oakbrook... and the old bunco girls- glad that you could join them! I miss you so much, I often feel that I didn't realize at the time how blessed I was to work so closely in YW with such amazing leaders... I learned so much from you and each and every one of the others...I am so glad that we can stay in contact with our blogs, now we just need to get together! xoxo