Thursday, April 17, 2008

here we come!

watch out scrappers!
here we come!!!
a few friends of mine and i are heading to slc tomorrow to attend the scrapbook usa expo! so exciting!
we will scrap and shop all day friday, stay the night and then do it all over again on saturday! we are in the "VIP" section on saturday though! free class, goodie bag and treats! can't wait!
ok... i have to go pack and get ready! i will share my fun stories when i get back!


noelani said...

I declare out loud and for everyone to hear (read)..... I am SOOOOOOO jealous!! have fun and think of me here in vegas, getting blown away by the wind, and slaving away in a kitchen for a wedding reception!!


MaryRuth said...

Have SOOOOOO much fun!!!! I too am jealous!! I want to scrapbook wiht Jennie!!!

Call me before you go to Novi!

Dawn said...

Have fun, Jennie!

marcia said...

cool I hope you are having an awesome time

Laura Nicholas said...

oh I wish I was going with you. I haven't scrapped for fun in so long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a blast.


Logan and Traci Wood said...

Have fun and I am excited that we will be able to keep in touch a bit better now that we are both bloggers...enjoy your trip and get lots from the goodie bags! Also, congrats on your 6th anniversary!
Traci Wood

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KATIE said...

Lucky girl!!! I'm glad you had a great us some of your projects!!!