Thursday, December 04, 2008

32 years ago...

one of the most wonderful people in the entire world was born...

my sweet husband,
Kevin Ozell Little

i love you babe!

here are 32 things i love about kev...

1. cute smile
2. great hugs
3. kid at heart
4. good brother
5. loves music
6. great eyes
7. hates onions and tomatoes (me too! :) )
8. easy to please
9. intoxicating kisses
10. peacemaker
11. knows "techy" stuff
12. punctual
13. simple guy
14. dedicated worker
15. funny
16. willing to help... most days :)
17. holds my hand
18. loving
19. gentleman
20. eagle scout
21. loves me
22. honest
23. cute bum
24. kind
25. attempts to fix things himself first before going somewhere else
26. takes care of me
27. generous
28. caring
29. fun to be around
30. cuddle bug
31. says "i love you"
32. perfect... for me!


Laura Nicholas said...

happy birthday to Kevin! You two make such a cute couple.


marcia@joyismygoal said...

how sweet happy birthday too

Dawn said...

I LOVE that scout picture, every year when I see it I think "oh I need to get one of Jakey for his wife's birthday blog post!" :)


Brunabug said...

AWWW How sweet. He was such a cute baby!!!
Happy Birthday Kevin!

MaryRuth said...

Happy Happy birthday to your husband!!!

i miss you much!!!

A 'n D said...

what a sweet post! happy late birthday to kev!
and we just got our tickets this weekend - thanks again for being so generous!

michellejohnnie said...

He definitely was a cute baby!!! Happy birthday Kevin!