Saturday, December 20, 2008

On the Fifth Day of Christmas...

my loved ones gave to me...
5 Random Friends!

Laura: i met laura while traveling with creating keepsakes. this gal is so full of life! always up for an adventure! and very thoughtful! she lives a few states away... and it makes it hard to see her as often as i would like! (thanks goodness for blogs! now we can check up on each other anytime we want! :) ) laura is very talented and i love getting her cards and postcards in the mail!

Angie: i met angie through her husband when he worked at sam's club. angie and i became fast friends! i had the wonderful opportunity to help her out after the birth of her first child. i would watch him while she ran errands, did chores around the house or just took a nap! when she was done we would just sit and chat! i loved having to chance to get to know her better! she is going to have baby #3 in a couple of months! time sure flies! she is a great mom and a very motivated person!

Chelsa: i love this girl! we met and worked together at Coppin's Hallmark almost 9 years ago! we hit it off right away! chelsa is funny and kind. she has always taken the time to get to know me... and made me feel special. she was there during my "courtship" to my husband! she witnessed it all! we don't see each other very often, and i miss her!

Noelani: i met noe while working at Coach House Gifts many, many years ago! she is a great mom, and one of the most talented women i have ever met in my entire life. she is so creative and smart! noe is also one of the kind and considerate women. she is always looking for a way to help... she, too, lives out of state and i miss interacting with her on a regular basis. she inspires me to be a better person! she is wonderful and i am honored to be her friend!

Nicky: i don't even know where to start with nicky! she is fun and loving and kind! she and i became friends at one job and then we both moved together to another job. nicky is creative and a very smart thinker. she loves to have fun and isn't afraid to be silly. she makes me feel comfortable and myself, just by being around her. i have the pleasure of seeing her every month at bunco! i love it!

all 5 of these women have touched my life in a way that has forever changed me. i am very grateful for each of them and the differences of them all! thanks gals! i sure love you!


Jan said...

Jenny, I know Chelsa too! She was in our ward a few years ago and I was her visiting teacher! I sure did love visiting with her!

Laura Nicholas said...

oh Jennie - thank you. You are so sweet - truly a rare find in a friend. One that I treasure and so wish we lived closer! I think the best memory I have is when we finally got to room together in Nashville and we worked a show together in the booth. That was so much fun.

I love you!