Wednesday, December 24, 2008

On the Twelth Day of Christmas...

my loved ones gave to me...

12 Christmas Ornaments!!!

i love my tree... i love my ornaments!

each ornament tells a story... here are 12 of my fav's and their stories!

this little girl has been on my tree for as long as i can remember! she is my favorite! she is the very first ornament on my tree every year!

oh... the mouse on a mouse trap! my mom made this for me when i came home from my mission in idaho! in my last area we lived in the middle of a beet field... lots of mice! we were constantly emptying the traps! here is my memento of such a wonderful time! lol!

kevin and i bought this hallmark ornament the year we were married! i love that it is the ring box and wedding bands!

this one reminds me of my best friend! she is a huge mickey mouse fan! i was working at hallmark when this ornament came out and bought it for her right away! a few years later i bought mine on ebay, cuz i liked it so much!

this is such a darling ornament! i bought it a few years back at a craft fair! i keep saying that i should make my own version of it and give them out to my friends for christmas... but have yet to do it! who knows... maybe next year! ha!

i love this ornament! i made it at school when i was in second grade! we were told we had to bring a clean tuna can to school. there is green felt glued around the outside with a red glitter stripe down the middle of it! then we put our school photo's in the middle. this was our gift to parents that year... love it!

i love leaves! as most of you know i love my fall birthday, thus the leaf addiction! this is a gold plated leaf that came from connecticut. my dad sent it to me while he lived there! i think it is so beautiful! very fancy... and i enjoy having it on my tree!

i grew up in a single parent home for most of my childhood, so money was very tight! my mom and i lived in california for a short time and we used to go to the dump all of the time for really great stuff! the dump at that time was open to the public and you would be amazed at how many things were brand new, still in the packages! anyway... mom found this christmas ornaments and we took them home and made them ours...

my grandmother (nanny) was an amazing needlepointer! she was always making something new, different and cool! one year she made a handful of these cute little trees for us! i love that they are so bright and cheerful!

these were also on nanny's tree. i have 3 of them and they always are put around the very top of the tree! i think they are so cute! they are so fragile! i used to think that they were made for me because of the blond hair! (when i was a kid my hair was very blond! )

when i was in the dating scene, a good friend of mine and i would always joke about what we "owed" each other if we did things with the guys we were dating... ie: hug= candy bar, holding hands= brownies, kiss= ice cream, engaged= dinner! and we laughed about how the way to any man's heart is by baking a pie! when i got engaged, she made this ornament for me!

this ornament is an actual starfish! i buy ornaments whenever i go on a trip to represent where i went! this was bought in mystic, Massachusetts! love it!

i sure hope you have enjoyed these special ornaments!

and my 12 days of christmas!


JaNae & Dan said...

Jennie, I have the same Mickey ornament! It's such a cute one. Hope all is well with you two and that 2009 is amazingly wonderful!

michellejohnnie said...

I love your ornaments!