Saturday, December 20, 2008

On the Sixth Day of Christmas...

my loved ones gave to me...

6 Christmas Traditions!

i love traditions! they make a holiday special and exciting! here are just a few traditions that i have... whether they are from long ago when i was a little girl, or new ones with my cute hubby!

dinner- growing up my mom always made dinner on christmas eve. that way she could just enjoy christmas day without having to cook. we always just snacked on turkey etc on that day. i love the idea... but with just kevin and i, its no big deal to cook...

the white stocking- many years ago, my friend lisa gave to me a white stocking. this is a stocking for Christ. each year on christmas eve i would write a letter to my Savior and tell him what i would give him for the next year... faith, prayer, obedience... etc. when kevin and i got married we started doing this together. we don't read each others letters until the next year... i love this tradition. it helps me remember the true meaning of the season!

concerts- i have mentioned all of the fun concerts that i go to each year several times on my blog, but they truly are part of my christmas traditions. micheal mclean's forgotten carols and voicemale... they are the best! they each play a part in the way i celebrate this wonderful time of year. it wouldn't be christmas without them!

decorations- i need to say that I BELIEVE IN SANTA! but i don't have any santa decorations. i don't want the focus to be on santa, i don't want the Savior to get lost in the hustle and bustle. i have lots of decorations of snowflakes, stars and trees... but no santa's. i love the season and the goodness it brings out of people, so i am not a scrouge in any way, shape or form. i have just made a personal choice not to decorate with santa.

my advent calender- i remember seeing this advent calender hanging at my grandmothers house when i was really little. and then my mom brought it to our house! i love it! the ornaments are made out of felt and have lots of details! some of them are falling a part a little, but that is part of the charm! i have seen a similar calender in a few catalogs, but i cannot bring myself to replace this one... it had lots of sentimental value. and that, to me, is what a good tradition is all about!

christmas morning breakfast- when i was growing up, we always had to wait until everyone was up before any part of the day began. when everyone was up and dressed/decent we would open the santa gifts. usually just in the stockings. then we would have breakfast, usually a pull-apart bread or orange rolls. then, and only then, we would gather around the tree and open our presents... one at a time with one person at the tree passing them out. my mom was very particular in making this part of christmas last for more than just 20 minutes. she remembers when she was a little girl that they would be up and have christmas all done and over by 6am. she didn't want it to be like that for us. i am glad... i like making it last longer!

so, now that i have shared 6 traditions with you... what are yours?

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