Tuesday, May 01, 2007

calling all readers...

is anyone reading my blog?

please log on and leave a comment... (nice ones, preferably...)

i would love to know if anyone reads it...



Anonymous said...

Jennie - I check your blog every single day!! I wish you would post more often! I didn't know if you wanted me leaving comments, so I don't very often. You're the cutest! I'm glad we met through Holls.

Emily Stauffer

MaryRuth said...

I READ!!!! Love you!! SOO FUN TO SEE YOU!!!

Brenda said...

Hi Jennie!
I left another comment on the last entry....I found your blog through MaryRuth and I will start reading your blog too!
Anyone who is friends with MaryRuth has to be a good person and a good Blog read!

Anonymous said...

I always read and I agree with Emily that you should post more! You're great!
Your pal and Anne Murray fan,