Thursday, May 10, 2007

the new do!

ok... so here it is... my new do!
what do you think? i was having a rough day at work and this new haircut just perked me right up!
i always like to take pictures, cuz i am never gonna be able to do this on my own! anyway... i like it and wanted to share with you!
have a good day! and "do" something for YOU!


Brenda said...

It is very cute. I have not seen what you looked like before. I always seem to try to get a cute short cut with the little flippies but my hair is just to thick and straight and it takes so much work to get to work right.

Lei said...

cute, cute!!!

thanks for stopping by :)

Anonymous said...

Cute & Sassy!!


MaryRuth said...

so cute!!! LOVE IT!!

JaNae said...

Welcome to the sassy of a flip do! Very, very cute. Enjoy the flip of the hair, even if it doesn't look exactly like the day it was cut it'll still be cute!