Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Happy Mother's Day! Today, I dedicate to my Beautiful Mommy! She is the best! Let's take a walk down memory lane... shall we?
This is my first "mommy and me date"... My mom is so pretty! I think I was like... 17 days old!
Have I mentioned that my mom was a wild hippy chic? This is part of our "glory days"! I totally love her t-shirt! She is the coolest!

These are 2 of my Favorite women! My great mom, and my truly classy grandmother, Nanny. The cute babe is my little brother Sam! My Nanny came out to help mom when Sam was born. I look pretty happy, huh?

One of the things I love about my mom is that she taught me the joy of reading a good book! I will always remember her loving way of sharing who she was/is with my brother and I. This was just one of those memorable days in the yard reading a book. So great!

The family! With my mom at the head of everything. I am so grateful for her dedication to us.

We are soooo good lookin! I was in high school and it was very important to "match". So... I picked pink! ??? What?! My poor little brother! Oh well, we are still pretty cute! Don't you love our 80's hair!

This was Christmas 2005. Sam hadn't been home for Christmas in a long time and we were thrilled to have him home. This was an amazing Holiday. Very emotional for us, but very special!

I love this picture! Last fall my mom and I had the opportunity to go to women's conference together. It was so incredible to attend such a spiritual meeting with my mom!

She is an inspiration to me!

Mom, I dedicate this to you! For the mom you were when I was growing up, for the friend you are today and for the inspiration you will be tomorrow.


Brenda said...

wow! What sweet post! I love the pictures! I wish that I had some of the older pictures of me as a kid/baby with my mom.
This post made me tear up!
Thanks for posting it!!!

MaryRuth said...

Jennie what a sweet post! I love it! made me have tear sting.

and I LOVE the pictures of you when you were little!! SO great!!

You rock!!!!

kiss kiss