Friday, May 25, 2007

on your mark!

get set! go!

do i have a fun adventure to share! ok... last wednesday morning i got a call from my good friend kris from at work. ( i travel to scrapbook conventions around the country for them ) anyway... she said that they had had a mini crisis in the family and needed me to travel to the ckc- manchester new hampshire show. i would need to fly out the very next day!!!!

i told her that i needed to make a few phone calls and i would get back to her. i called kevin and he said "do it"! (he is sooooooooo good. he knows how much i enjoy traveling) and then i checked with my team at work. they were great and said that they would be ok if i left.

so i called kris back and off i go! i flew out thursday morning at 8am! what a quick trip! it sure was fun though! our booth was right next to our good friends, marsha and sandi, at paper loft! they are such great people! and their product in dang cute! be sure to check it out and ask your local scrapbook stores to carry it!

one of the fun highlights of the show is attending the saturday night crop! we always go and visit our cute friends, micaela and doris! we sure love those ckc girls!

anyway... so fun! very quick trip! i don't think that i have ever done anything THAT spur of the moment! i also read 2 books and loved them both... one of them, twilight, was amazing... i will do a whole post just about it soon!

well, there you have it! my fun adventure... stay tuned.... i am going to buffalo, new york next weekend.


hi, it's me! melissa c said...

Hey there! Thanks for commenting on my blog! I love new people to come over!

Have fun on your trip! How cool that you can take off like that.

I love to travel but it seems like I don't do it often enough!

Have a good time!

Brunabug said...

Sometimes it is good to be spontanious! Glad you were able to help them out and that you had such a good time.

Andrea said...

How fun to be spontaneous.
I've heard great things about twilight. Can't wait to read it too.