Sunday, May 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Maryruth!

happy birthday maryruth!
i hope that you have a super duper day! i met maryruth 2 years ago at the ckc nashville show. some mutual friends and i were going to nashville a few days before the show and tada! we were friends!
we have so many fun memories... lots from that first meeting in nashville. we fell in love with josh turner (wow! what a cutie! and a voice... makes my knees go weak! ) when we went to the grand ole opry. we had great seats and couldn't miss the photo opportunity!

our next show together was in novi, michigan. this was the first show with just the 2 of us! what a great time! i am not sure how much work we really did! but we sure did have fun together! this is the booth! we don't actually set up a booth anymore for the ck shows... but the good ole days... man, they were good!

tear down isn't necessarily fun, but we sure did try to make it that way! these big crates housed our bookcases for the booth. hard work... that is for sure! if i recall, this was the show where we were the LAST vendors off of the show floor. i am positive that the truck drivers were a "little" bit frustrated with us!

last fall maryruth and i decided to stay a few extra days after the seattle show. we had a blast! one of the days we went to snoqualmie falls. it was amazing! so beautiful!

it did rain the ENTIRE time that we were in the seattle area! good thing we "borrowed" a few umbrellas from the hotel! thanks sheraton! we definitely got our moneys worth out of them!
one day we took a ferry over to banbridge island. we had the most delicious lunch and shopped at an amazing bead store. we got yelled at by the lady on the ferry and almost got blown of the ferry because of the wind and rain!

this was just a couple of weeks ago, again, in nashville. we were exchanging birthday and christmas gifts. it was sooooooooo good to see her! she is such a great person!

maryruth! thanks for being such a great friend. you are such an amazing person. extremely talented and outgoing. i want to be like you when i grow up. you inspire me.

love ya!


Brenda said...

what a great post. i loved all the pictures!

Andrea said...

I so need to meet maryruth! Such fun pictures- you both look so happy and cute and fun.

MaryRuth said...

Wow!! I'm touched! You're so stinkin' cute!! I LOVE THE POST!!! I'm so HONORED to be your friend!! And I want to be just like YOU when I grow up...

that last picture I look stoned... must be the end of a show!! LOL!

Miss you so much!!!