Saturday, May 26, 2007

Sweets and Sours

hi there! here are my sweets and sours for the week!


1. had a rough visit with my brother, sam. got some not so great news, we all (me, mom and sam) were pretty upset by it.

2. kevin got gout.... again! (i will post more on this later...)

3. i am still not working out yet!

4. my house is a disaster zone! not one single room is in order!


1. got to see my brother! he looks great! what a good kid he is! i love him sooooooooo much!

2. got to spend a whole day with my mommy! she is the best!

3. my pampered chef order came in! i got some awesome things! i used to sell pampered chef and i love it! they have wonderful products! one of the new things i got this time was the easy read mini measuring cup, it is a great companion to the easy read measuring cups! i love them!

4. i also ordered some mary kay and it came in too! my best friend, ann, sister is now selling it and we placed an order! i love the satin lips stuff! so great! you should try it!

5. kevin is home and we get to spend the entire weekend together! i didn't get to see him last weekend because of my quick trip to manchester. and this weekend he doesn't have to leave until monday afternoon! instead of sunday afternoon! wahoo!

6. i got to see annie on thursday night. i went over to give her a little gift. and i also got to cry on her shoulder about the situation with sam. she is the best! have you ever had someone in your life who helps your life makes sense? she is that person for me! without her... i don't make sense! my very best, good friend! for over 26 years!

7. i got to talk to my cousin, carrie, several times this week. she is an amazing young women! i am proud to be related to her!

8. blogging is so fun! i found a few more blogs this week that i am really liking! it is so fun to get to know new people through the stories they tell about their lives. what a great time we live in.

9. i have some extra time this morning and i am going to attempt to conquer a couple of my disaster rooms! wish me luck!

well, that is my list! sweets and sours for the week! what are yours?
tell me! tell me! tell me! :)


Brenda said...

I love that your sweets are always more than your sours. Positive!

Andrea said...

I'm way late for this- sorry. Sad that you had bad news. I love pampered chef and mary kay. I agree blogging is great, and glad to have found your blog.
Good luck with your disaster rooms. Which reminds me I should go conquer mine.