Saturday, May 12, 2007

Sweets and Sours

Last summer at girls camp we, the leaders, would play a game everynight before bed called Sweets and Sours. We would name all of the good and bad things that had happened that day. I loved the idea and now Kevin and I do it too! It is so great to remember the good things that happened throughout the day and take a moment to be grateful about them.

ok... so here are the Sweets and Sours for the week....

(oh... i always do the Sours first...)


* this was a rough week at work. it seems as though when it rains in pours. not too many things went right for my team (colleen and nels) and i this week. let's just say we were very grateful for friday to come! i was even to a point where i wasn't sure that i even wanted to go back to work. so... i created a "things we love about Sam's Club" mini album. i got input from my team and it is now sitting on my desk at work!

* i didn't do much cleaning around the house this week.

* kevin was gone all week for work (he usually is, so this is a constant sour for both of us!)


* i got my hair cut and i really like it!

* i got to hang out with ann and julie this week. that always brightens my day!

* i ran into an old friend, marla, at the event on monday. it was great to see her! i even went out to dinner on wednesday with she and julie! we had a fun time getting caught up!

* kevin came home!!!

* i sent my mom flowers for mothers day. i think she liked them. they were really fun, blue iris's and pink tulips.

* i got a letter from my brother sam this week! he is so great! i love hearing from him!

* i get to teach in church this sunday. the lesson is on "righteous traditions". i love traditions, so it has been a really fun lesson to plan. i also wanted to do something for the ladies that i work with in this position. i am the only one who is not a mom, and i wanted them to be able to enjoy this mother's day and not have to worry about planning a lesson too!

* i got to scrapbook a little this week. i was in the mood... so i did it!

i have so much to be grateful for! i am happy to see that my sweet list is longer than the sours.

what about you? what are your sweets and sours for the week?


Brunabug said...

What a cool idea. Hubby and I might have to start up this tradition too!

sours: didn't go grocery shopping this week and now we have no food in the house, and didn't do all the laundry needed to be washed.

Sweets: got to go to the Lilac parad today with a friend today- "Bug" had a really good time, Hubby starts up his new work hours tomorrow, and I will get to see him more. YEA!

Andrea said...

Hey- great to meet you. MaryRuth and Brenda are awesome, so I'm glad to meet another friend of theirs.
Love the sweet and sour idea. Makes me have to think.
And love the new do by the way! Very cute. I'm thinking of going shorter- so fun.

MaryRuth said...

Jennie I LOVE your sweets and sours list!! Thanks for passing along the tradition to me!

I love me some Jennie!

my sours:

Mother's day... always a hard day for me.

My house was a mess.

Work is stressing me out.


I got to talk in to churc (it would have originally gone in the sours list but it turned out so good!)

Friends party

reading your blog!