Tuesday, June 05, 2007

family history fridays (fhf)

ok... so i was on kate's cool site and she is doing "family history fridays". she is going to ask a questions each friday to help us keep our family history...

so here is the question for week one:

~did you go to college?
or take any vocation training?
what and where?

well... i graduated from a jr. college -otero junior college- and recieved my associates degree. i then went to a 4 year school -adams state college- i was going to be an elementary teacher. shortly after i was admitted to the education program i started thinking about going on a mission for my church.

i always intended to go back to school when i came home from my mission but i just never caught that fire again. i did attend utah state unniversity for a semester or two, but i just didn't enjoy it.

in colorado at asc, i really enjoyed the social scene of college. i had some great friends and we did have a great time! leanna, tara, jeff, jim, wendy, mandy, kim, craig, marlo, jeremy... what fun times and memories!



Brenda said...

what fun! i got my A.S. degree, and my dental assisting certificate and also took the test to become a Registered Dental Assistant in California. But that was over 10 years ago before I met my hubby and got married.

shelley said...

Hey Jennie... I don't know how to reply to comments... so I surfed on over to your blog. THANKS for stopping by!!I don't have a "following" yet.... but hope to one day! Ok, from your pics, I think I recognize you... I either bought stickles from your booth??? or did a make and take? what's the name of your company? thanks for the kind words... along with my scrapbooking, bloggin it out there is a good way to release the constant sarcasm and what I think is wit... out of my head and onto "paper"... keep checkin in.. i'm getting better at being regular!

Dawn said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I love the pics from Niagra falls, and it's nice to get to know you better! :) I'm married to a Kevin too!

Laine said...

Just popping in to say hello Jennie! :) -Laine