Wednesday, June 13, 2007


ok... so i had a little accident! i burned my hand last night! how does it look? i was putting rolls in the oven and as i was pulling my hand out i rubbed up against one of the coils on the top of the oven!

it looks and feels much better today, but yesterday... ouchy! i am gonna have a pretty scar- that is for sure!


MaryRuth said...

Oh Jennie!! It looks horrible!! I'm SOO sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!

Burns are so bad and your looks like its a whooper!! so sorry!!!!!

It was so fun to talk to you today though... burn and all.


Dawn said...

Oh ouch! My tummy did flip flops for you when I saw that!!! Jennie, that looks painful!! I burned my hand on tongs a few months ago and I have a tiny tiny scar from it, the worst is that whenever you have your hand near heat (putting stuff in the oven, cooking) it'll hurt!! :( I'm sorry, I hope it heals nicely for you!!

Kate said...

Oh gosh Jennie! :( That's so painful to look at . . . can't imagine what YOU must be feeling! The fear of burns like that is what makes me use oven mitts . . . or my husband! ;)
*HUGS* hope it feels better soon and that the scar is as small as possible from it!

JaNae said...

OUCH!!! Those heating elements in ovens can just get in the way sometimes! I bumped my fingers against one when I was in college and have a scar from the burn. I hope you luck out better than I did.

CHEL said...

ouch is right!! burns are the worst!!

**thanks for the advise. You're awesome!

Mel said...

Oh, man that has got to hurt:( Cyber hugs!