Tuesday, June 26, 2007


i have decided that music is a very personal thing.
i just completed 2 overnight shifts at work and we were listening to one of my co-workers ipods. for the most part i really enjoyed her music selections, but i was very surprised on some too.
there were 6 of us working overnight on sunday night and then the same 6 along with the regular overnight team last night. it was interesting to hear everyone's comments on colleens music. some loved it (me) and some complained on every song.. just kind of funny.
i really think that music is such a personal choice. i now have music playing on my blog, so if you turn on your speakers, you will hear a few of my favorites! i hope you like them too...


Lisa M. said...

I agree completely agree- Music is such a personal thing.

I have been very surprised as I get older how much my tastes have changed, and I swore, when I was younger, they never would.

Of course, that was when I knew everything?


Brenda said...

How much fun.
I had music on my site too...but it was just one song...playing over and over and I didn't like how it was going...so I am using the same site as you are...hope you don't mind.

Dawn said...

I love the old school Paula Abdul!! :)

I was at Walmart today and there was this huge team of inventory people doing inventory and it made me think of you!! :)

Kate said...

Yes, music is quite a personal thing . . . I've browsed through your playlist . . . looks like a fairly broad range of some pretty cool songs! :)

Joyismygoal said...

totally agree Music is a very personal thing.

as I get older my tastes have changed, and stayed the same too:) But it still expresses me in all my many many personalities