Saturday, June 09, 2007

Sweets and Sours

Hello there! It is time for my Sweets and Sours for the week!

On your mark! Get set! Go!


1. work just keeps getting more and more stressful. we are about 6 weeks away from inventory and i am feeling the stress! you see, we had this bright idea that we would count the entire building 3 time in 5 1/2 months! that is alot! first of all, have you been to sam's club?! there are millions of items! second... we usually count the entire building 5 times the entire year! i was asking a lot of my team, but i knew we could do it! i thought by doing this the audits and numbers would get better and better. not worse. as i told my regional manager, i should have great confidence going into this- knowing that all was going well. i don't.

2. my cute husband is having a hard time at his job too. he is starting to get that 8 month itch! he is feeling the need for a change. too bad we both can't just retire and live on a beach somewhere.

1. WE GOT A NEW CAR!!!!!

ok... so it is not "brand" new! but is is certainly new to us and by far the nicest car we have ever owned!!! we are now the proud owners of a 2003 buick century!!! check it out! so fun!

we have been saving up money for a down deposit since march. the last month or so we have gone "looking". kevin has been so excited he can hardly stand it... he has been so cute!

anyway... today was the designated day (either that or next week if we didn't find anything today). so we went after lunch to test drive a couple of things! this was the first one that i drove today and we fell in love (kevin actually drove it last weekend when i was out of town, so he already had his eye on it)! i told him we needed to test drive a couple more, just to make sure we were making the right decision. yup! it was! we got it!!!!

2. i was able to spend some quality time with my best friend, ann this week. i had gathered some fun souvenirs for her and her roommate, julie at the shows lately. we finally got our schedules to work so we could hang out! it was a super fun evening!

3. did i mention that we bought a beautiful car??!!!

4. i got a fun little package from my cousin carrie! she sent me some neat scrapbook stuff and one of the party favors that she gave out at her fancy graduation tea party! very cool! thanks carrie!

5. one of my friends from church turned 50 today so one of the girls in my youth group and i decided to "heart attack" her! we each cut out our bunches of BLACK hearts out of paper and went over to her home about 11pm last night. we taped them all over her door, windows and home! it was sooooooooooo fun! i love being sneaky like that!

we taped a sign up with all of it that said:

"Happy Birthday Sister Simmons!

50 is pretty old-
so we thought you might want to get you


out of the way now-
in case of problems- don’t forget to call Lindsey and Sister Little- They are true


we then had the mint lifesavers scattered all over her porch! it was so great! she called and "thanked" me this morning!

Happy Weekend! Thanks for letting me share! What are your Sweets and Sours for the week?


Melanie said...

that is so funny that we were in the same ward. I want to know how you got my blog? Small world. I am in texas. Sounds like you are having fun vacationing. Great Blog!

Dawn said...

Nice car!!! I love getting a new car, it's exciting!! I love how you call your husband "cute", it's adorable!! And I love "The Dance" playing!!! :) Love the music!

Cindy Swanson said...

I loved the "Sweet and Sours" format! I may have to steal that idea sometime. :) Really enjoyed my first visit to your blog.

Andrea said...

enjoy your new car. looks great!

MaryRuth said...

Gasp! I LOVE your new car! And I'm SOOO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!! I know you saved for a long time for it! So so happy for you!!!!

can't wait to see it in real life (someday).

Love you!!

Kristi said...

Hello Jennie! This is your old roomie, Kristi. Do you remember me? About 1997-8? I am back in town and found your blog from Charlotte's. How are you? I'm delighted that I can catch up on your life (somewhat!) from your blog.

Hope to talk to you in real life soon!