Monday, June 04, 2007

i love...

probably one of the most amazing experiences i have ever had. absolutely incredible!

let's go on a tour... i want to share my pictures with you!

ok, so we went straight to niagra falls from the airport. we really wanted to see them at night, all lit up! the pics didn't turn out very good, but you get the idea!

i had the privilege to experience this with my 2 good friends, kris and richard! what fun!

ok... here we are getting ready for the maid of the mist! this cool boat takes you right below the horseshoe falls! sooooooooooooooo neat! we got these fun blue rain slickers. they have "maid of the mist" on them... of course i kept mine for my scrapbook!

ok... so this is our view from the boat! i didn't take many pics too close cuz it was very wet! and i didn't want to ruin my camera! but check this out... my pic looks just like it! (well, sorta) ya for me!

we then went to the new movie... it is a brand new film about the history of niagra falls! it was very cool. great to get the history of it too!

our next stop was to cave of the winds... at first, i didn't really want to go. i thought it was going to be a tough hike, and it didn't really interest me. kris and richard said that we had time and wanted to go... so sure, let's try it!

they gave us another little rain slicker thing and some cool sandals. and off we go! when we were waiting in line to to we saw people get off the elevator with their pants wet, up to their knees or so... geez, we are going to get wet!

we rode the elevator down about 18 floors worth underground. we then walked through a tunnel and came out below the bridal falls. we walked on a wooden deck/stairs down to the bottom. as we made our way back up the water was getting closer and closer. it was even splashing up onto the deck.

little did we know that we hadn't seen anything yet...

when we got to the last deck, hurricane deck, it was unbelievable! truly hurricane conditions!!! i loved it! i went out to the end several times! kris, richard and i took turns going out! what an adventure! when we were done we were SOAKED! not even kidding! up to my knees nothing! i was drenched all the way up my pants and my shirt was just as bad! so much for my little rain poncho's help! ya right! (i was just glad that i wasn't wearing a white shirt! i might have won the wet t-shirt contest!) :)

i wish this pic had better lighting. you would be able to see the water dripping off of each of us! one of the funnest things i have ever done!

after getting soaked, we wondered to the edge again and found a few more beautiful shots!

this was so wonderful! next time i go i want to go to the canada side and see what is over there! i highly recommend a trip! what fun!

thanks kris! thanks richard! fun memories to last forever!

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Brenda said...

That trip sounded like a soaker!!!
What cool pictures. They turned out really pretty. I am not sure if I would feel that comfortable getting that close to a waterfall. I go get nervous around water. But the pictures again were very pretty, and you looked like you were having a great time.