Saturday, June 16, 2007

Sweets and Sours

good morning friends!

it is time for my sweets and sours:


my burn still hurts a little. i can tell that it is healing, i am just trying to be careful and keep it from getting infected...

i am really sore from pulling weeds this week. i was using muscles i must not have ever used! serves me right! stupid weeds! :)

i have a blister on the bottom of my foot. every time i go to another sam's club to help with their inventory it seems that i come home with this silly blister. always same place... same blister!

it sure sounds like i am falling apart this week doesn't it?


i pulled weeds! it looks so good. of course i was very tired so i only got done about 1/4 of what i needed to, but still... what i did looks good!

i LOVE my new car! it is so great! yup... LOVE IT!

this weekend is the beginning of the parade of homes here in cache valley. ann, julie and i went last year and loved it, so we wanted to go again this year. the best part is that the extreme makeover: home edition home is going to be in the parade this year! how fun will that be!? to see the inside of this beautiful home! it was so fun to be part of the festivities and building last year (see this link for the complete story... start at the bottom of the page and work your way up...)!
we went to 4 home yesterday and will do a few more today... and then finish up the rest of them next week. so incredibly fun!!!

we are also going yard saling this weekend too! this is the first weekend of the season! bring on the good deals! we are yard sale junkies!!! love them! love the hunt! love the deals!!!

i am loveing the book i am reading right now! so good! it is called new moon! it is the second book in a series called twilight. my good friend maryruth just posted about twilight too. such a great book! not usually my "type" of books... but i am hooked! so so good!

i love the weekends... i love the freedom of doing whatever you want...

ok... what are your sweets and sours for the week? i love your comments.... thanks!


Kate said...

Glad to hear that your burn is feeling better . . . and that parade of homes sounds soo fun! I hope it's a great weekend! :)

Brenda said...

sweets: Blog Friends that I have made.

No Sours today.

Thanks for posting!!!

Dawn said...

What type of books are the Twlight series?

Glad your burn is healing! I love yard saleing!!