Saturday, June 23, 2007

Sweets and Sours

good morning my blog friends!!!
here is this weeks version of "Sweets and Sours"!
this was a tough week at work... we were missing lots of stuff and took lots of items/money out of our inventory! my shrink % is not looking too pretty right now!!!
my burn is healing quite well! it is looking pretty good!!!
i got to see my cute mommy this week! she is wonderful!
ann, julie and i finished touring all of the home in the cache valley parade of homes! they were magnificent! i was very impressed! it was an incredible thing to see the extreme makeover: home edition home- the pauni family! it was awesome! i was very impressed with it! i even got to see mrs. pauni! she was in her industrial kitchen cooking for an event this weekend! i told her that her home was beautiful! she said thanks!!!! i got to talk to her!!!! so cool!!!
i went to lunch with some friends that i used to work with. holly, kristine and chelsa! it was great to see them again. it has been awhile since we all got together! such fun memories with all of them! those were some good ole days!!! thanks gals! really fun afternoon!
i am reading a good book right now... you know, i haven't really read in so long and then about a month ago- BAM!! i am a reading fool! (well, a fool at least!) i have probably read 6 books in the last 4 weeks! that is really good for me lately. i have not really read very much in the last year or so... and i love it so much! my all time favorite author is: anita stansfield. but i am also enjoying rachel nunes, michelle ashman bell, stephanie meyer... the list goes on...
we went grocery shopping yesterday! i love to go grocery shopping! it is one of my favorite things to do... i start at the back of the store and go up and down every aisle. i usually have a list, but am willing to pick up things along the way that i see. i love the hunt for the right item, and more importantly, the right price!!! i want to get the very most for my money! love it! love it! love it!!
i got to talk to my friend maryruth this week! she is so cute! it is fun to catch up and visit for a bit!
my friend julie, is having a little birthday party at the park today with her family and a few friends. kevin and i are honored to be among the guest list! it is going to be fun! just a casual party in the park... can't wait!
well, i am feeling pretty blessed right now. all is well.
what are your sweets and sours for the week?


Joyismygoal said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I like your sweets and sours i may borrow thatexpression--- Did you get some Silvadene for your burn its awesome burn cream (By prescrition only) and I went to my Docs office w/o an appt and they just gave me a free sample.

Bonnie said...

I love Anita Stansfiels books! I think I own every single one.
Sounds like and exciting week.

MaryRuth said...


Love love love your list! So cute!! And thanks for adding me to the sweets (instead of the sours :))...

So glad that your burn is healing!

love you bunches!

CHEL said...

So cool... and fun to read.

I do a grateful and not so grateful post on sunday... but sweet and sour sounds much better. :)

Lei said...

Love it when the sweets outweigh the sours. :)

Lisa M. said...

I almost, almost ALMOST got to go to the parade of homes in Cache Valley! I took Ethan to the swim they have on Saturdays and wanted to go after, but he was just wayyyyyy too cranky!

I am so glad you got to go! HOW NEAT!

Sounds like a great, week. Glad to hear your burns are getting better.