Thursday, June 28, 2007

40 hours...

with NO sleep!
yes, i am crazy!

ok... so here is the story... i couldn't really sleep last night, so i got up and watched tv... blogged... then it came to me... the MASTER plan!

i was going to stay up all night and then go to work really early in the morning... i figured that i was only going to get 6 hours of sleep anyway, so why not. i hate being tired in the morning from lack of sleep... so the MASTER plan sounded great! (i have to say, the last time i had a MASTER plan... i didn't work out so well. i decided to sleep for a couple of hours instead of staying up all night... ya right! i turned off my alarm and barely made it to work when i was supposed to, let alone early!!)

so that is what i did! i stayed up all night and took a shower around 1:30... called up the night manager at sam's club and said... i can't sleep... i am coming in!

i got to work around 2:00am and stayed there until 1:00pm!!! holy moly! what was i thinking??!!??!! how was not sleeping at all a better plan than getting at least 6 hours of sleep? i am the kind of person that needs to get at least 8 hours of sleep, if not 10!! anyway... the good new is that because i worked so many blasted hours, i now have tomorrow off!!!


the bad news is that i am still up... 40 hours later. i think that i took about a 30 minute nap this afternoon. but that was it... i am going to sleep soooooooooooooooooo good tonight!

the other great part of the day was that i was able to see my cute friend holly and her family! her sister is having a baby and i was invited to the shower. i love her family! her other sister, julianne, was also there! how fun! she is so dang cute! i haven't seen her in years! she is now a beautiful young women! very impressed was i!

anyway.... i love them and it was great to see them! we are going to go to lunch soon! how fun!!


Anonymous said...

Jennie, (it's me, Holly)
You are so wonderful and we all talked about you after you left the shower. For anyone who doesn't know Jennie, should know that her name should be in the dictionary under the word "friend". She has more friends than anyone I've ever met and it's obvious why. I met Jennie seven years ago(holy cow) and we instanly became great friends. Jennie would listen to anyone about anything for 24 straight hours. She is only concerned about others and never herself. She listens to me talk and talk and is just great! Jennie, you are a true friend and I am so thankful for our friendship!! Thank you for always being there! It was wonderful to see you, you always brighten my day! I love you Jennie! (We all do!)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jennie!
I just wanted to say hi and that you are the cutest girl in the world!! I'm really excited to go to lunch so we can see your shining face again! I just love you!

Lisa M. said...

AH I always have master plans, just like that!

I usually cave.


Lei said...

Wow. I really hope you are sleeping right now! Lol!